12 steps to be a successful woman


This article was published on “The Voice of Women Initiative”, check from here: http://vowinitiative.org/2014/05/14/12-steps-to-be-a-successful-woman/

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1)      Don’t make your life’s goal ONLY about getting married and having children- it is great to have your own family- but don’t minimize your abilities on being a successful person, making change in your surroundings. Don’t stop dreaming and working just because you are married.

2)      Don’t be afraid to take risks, always be eager to be a risk taker, if you stop taking risks, it  means that you have stopped living, get inspiration from the history, the most powerful and successful persons are the ones who take risk, show them that women can handle risky situations, and show them your strength.

3)      Appreciate your value, don’t you ever let anyone tell you “you are just a woman, you cannot do it”, show them how much you are aware and appreciate your value and your abilities, don’t be afraid to tell the world “I can definitely do it”.

4)      Don’t waste your energy and your time trying to convince others that you can do amazing things like any other man, but show them what you can do through actions.

5)      Be a role model, inspire and get inspired from  other women by sharing your experiences, your lessons, your failures, your hard times…Help others, especially youth, learn that there are women out there that can really manage both their careers and their personal lives  successfully.

6)      Be confident, don’t be shy to talk to people and to share your thoughts, be proud of what you have to say. Confidence is the key of being successful person. Make conversation with others and stay involved in current events and interesting topics to help make wise up-to-date chit chat.

7)      Say goodbye to your past, your past is an experience for your future’s decisions; don’t get stuck in it just because you made some bad decisions. Take a step forward and think to yourself and say “today I will be powerful woman”.

8)      Handle insults with grace, remember that there are 7 billion people out there who will try to piss you off, make you feel unworthy, and underestimate you! Don’t be affected by that, show them how worthy you are and how strong a person you can be.

9)      Be and stay educated, being educated will guarantee you not only having the skills and knowledge you need to pursue your career, but also it will make you  well-respected by those you come across in your life. Your level of education mirrors your intelligence.

10)  Don’t be afraid to talk about politics, global issues, traditions and all the important topics, just because you are woman.

11)  Be independent not only financially, but also physically and emotionally, make a decision to be independent, which is being able to make decisions and then acting upon them. Being Independence is being capable to accurately take a decision even if it turns out to be a wrong decision.

12)  Challenge yourself every morning to show the world that women can be successful, because they have all the abilities needed to make positive changes!

P.S: I judged these 12 steps as ways to be a successful woman based on my own experiences and from the experiences of other powerful women.


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