Amina Al Filali symbol of violence injustice #16days


This article was published on “The Voice of Women Initiative”, check:


This is a real story that happened in my own country, feeling ashamed and sad to write about it, but I believe that it is worth telling the world about it.

The heartbreaking story of Amina El Filali captures the fear facing women and girls who are raped and obligated to get married with their rapist because of one particularly outdated lawful tradition.

Amina Al Filali is the 16 years old Moroccan girl, forced to marry her rapist. She used to live a normal life with her family in a small village, before being kidnapped for 10 days in a forest where the rapist raped her, she made her way back home, and was blamed for what happened to her by her community.

Her family sued the rapist Mustapha, but at the end and based Article 475 of Moroccan law which states that a rapist can escape punishment if he marries his victim.  They call it “Reparations agreement «between the family of the victim and the family of the rapist. According to this law, Amina was obliged to marry her rapist.

6 Months into this marriage, Amina was  mistreated, became a victim to nonstop physical violence, in fact, she was beaten, deprived of food and insulted all the time by her husband for being raped and for being a dishonest girl. All of these unhealthy conditions pushed her to put an end to her depressed life. She committed suicide by drinking rat poison.

This story speaks of the injustice that happens to women not only in Morocco but in many places in the world, it is unfair to permit a rapist to marry the victim, it is like giving them the green light to rape more women and marry them after. Allowing them to avoid jail and blame the victims (Women).

I believe that During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, people all over the world need to remember the death of our dear innocent Amina and raise their voices against this kind of laws. It is time to think about the victim’s rights and break the wall of silence about these situations.

Rest in peace Amina! We will always remember you.



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