Men’s Revolution for Women’s Rights



I have witnessed many sad stories of women being killed, murdered, raped and forced by law to get married to their rapists…

Every time I think about these stories, I ask myself, “What is wrong with this world?”

Women have been demonstrating and protesting across the world about the current tragic cases of rape and murder but now isn’t it a high time for men to stand up beside women in the fight for social justice and equality?

So… ask yourself! do you really believe that women and men are equal as human beings? Do you think both genders should be treated, acknowledged, and respected equally, regardless of privileges, compensations, or benefits for either gender? How would you judge people when you meet them, based on their skills, intelligence, competency, character, and ethics… or based on gender?

Do you  believe in providing equal and basic opportunities for men and women?

How do you feel when a woman is humiliated, raped or killed, because her only crime in this world is being a female? How would you feel if this happened to your mom, sister or daughter? Do you really care about the life of millions of innocent girls and women around the world?

What makes men believe in equal rights? These amazing men have the answer!

They believe That:

“Equality means nothing unless incorporated into institutions”

and that “Women should be treated equally”

We , women have been out blaring for our rights for years, while our fathers, husbands, lovers, sons, and male friends remained disconnected.

We are calling all men worldwide to solicit. It’s high time!!




You can follow my campaign from here:

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