The green Voice of Women


This article was published on “The Voice of Women Initiative”, check from here:


I believe that the promotion of women’s leadership on climate change is necessary since they represent an important percentage of the population and their green voices need to be heard by the decision makers. Actually we need more women representatives in the climate cause; women who will ensure to bring out the green voices of many women in the world. This is could happen through powerful personal narratives, establishing the conversation on gender equality, environmental justice, public health, food security and  the eradication of extreme poverty. Women for climate justice should equally integrate gender justice in climate change policy at local, national and international levels, and I believe this will be done through:

  •  Raising awareness and building capacity relating to gender and climate issues among decision-makers so that to ensure equal and improved policies.
  • Increasing the global knowledge on gender and climate issues through research, action learning, campaigns and social media.
  •  Increasing the participation of women in the formal policy making process.
  •  Raising awareness and capacity building on gender and climate change issues among youth and children.

Decision makers need to facilitate more gender responsive action on the ground, take into consideration that women have their green voice, they lead their communities and countries, no decision should be made without taking into account women, because they are also affected by the change in climate.

My message:

It is our the mission not only as women but as human beings to care for, reserve and promote the resources of environment, we have to be aware of the environmental issues impacting the world today and we must do something before our resources are gone. It’s our duty to show respect for the environment and other living things. Everyone is affected and it is every one’s responsibility. It is a matter that cannot go unnoticed and action must be taken to preserve something as exceptional to humankind as the environment.

There is no refuting that global climate change problems are going to persist if nothing is done to resolve them. Concerns like these will produce disastrous consequences on the economic, political, and social heights in the 21st century if the global climate change situation continues to decline. Solving these is crucial to human survival.

As woman leader, I’m looking to confront the climate crisis and to reach the social justice, this is why I’m interested in climate change issues and I believe in the leadership abilities that women all over the world have leading them to build a better world with a clean climate.

Women! Go green! Because we can do it!


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