Call for Justice: 9 years old girl been beheaded


My name is Shukria

A week of tragedies over the world, many terrorist attacks took place in Baghdad, Beirut, Paris … When Will the world know peace? Till when innocent people will be killed in the name of individual interests? Till when hate and violence will describe our world?

This week in Afghanistan, Shukria, a 9-year-old girl was among seven people brutally beheaded by militants accused to be linked to ISIS. Afghanistan citizens carried Shukria’s coffin for hours through the streets of Kabul on Wednesday, civilians were demonstrating and calling for justice in several cities around the country in the wake of the massacre of seven people from the Hazara ethnic minority. The beheaded bodies of four men, two women and a child (Shukria) were found Saturday in a rural town in the southern province of Zabul.

Solidarity protesters have uttered frustration at the government’s apparent inability to control the attacks against the innocent civilians. Afghanistan civilians sang slogans against the government, the Taliban and the terrorist groups, and some protesters endeavored to storm the presidential regime.

Till now, no group has been called responsible for the killings of these innocent people, and the officials have not yet identified who they suspect is the responsible.

In wealthy countries, death cases like these are rare to happen and when it does, it makes headlines. This is simply one of many episodes where innocent women and children and civilians pay the heavy price of political, religious or individual ideoligies.

It is somehow hard to see what the future of our generation will look like, and what women’s place will be in it, terrorism has devastated impact on women’s rights, putting millions of women and girls at risk of killing.

I pray for the innocent souls, I pray for Shukria who left this world with a mark of social injustice that despite the lack of media coverage, she has inspired us not only as women but as humans to call for justice, peace and love.

Humanity has failed us thousand times, but Shukria’s death marked us all.

Rest in Peace beautiful soul.

We will all remember Shukria

I am Shukria